CHICAGO (CBS) — As Chicago’s Pride Parade nears on Sunday, Mayor Emanuel says it will have added significance because the Illinois legislature failed to legalize same-sex marriage. reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Mayor Emanuel says he strongly favors the bill legalizing same-sex marriage in Illinois, legislation that stalled in Springfield.

“I do think that there is an urgency for us as a state to go on record and pass legislation and finish the job to respect when two adults love each other,” said Emanuel.

While some in the gay and lesbian community may have wanted to celebrate approval of same-sex marriage at Sunday’s Pride Parade, he believes it will eventually prevail and Sundays parade is time to reflect on the work ahead and recognize the progress for people who are our family members, friends and neighbors.

“What the parade will recognize the long journey that we have been as a country, let alone a city and a state, toward bringing equality so gay and lesbian members when we used to talk about them being in the closet can be full citizens,” said Emanuel. “They are people that have a lot to contribute and the legislation will only confirm their contribution and their love for each other.”

But there is still work ahead he says.