(CBS) — A south suburban woman takes on a major drug company after she says her birth control nearly killed her.

Now the 23-year-old hopes her ordeal serves as a warning for others, reports CBS 2’s Chris Martinez.

It started with a stubborn headache fast becoming something far, far worse.

“I told my dad like ‘I think I’m gonna die,’” said Maggie Yunker.

By then Maggie was in the hospital for a two week stay, revealing a stroke caused by blood clots in her brain.

“The whole left side. I couldn’t hold up my arm or my leg or anything, it was just, it was numb,” said Yunker.

The cause doctors say was her birth control.

“I told them that I was taking Yaz and they said ok this was a common thing that happens to people who are on that medicine,” said Yunker.

So common in fact more than 10,000 lawsuits involving Yaz are now pending in the U.S.

Maggie’s case recently settled for close to a quarter million dollars. Doctors say her blood clots will never fully go away.

To any one currently taking the drug, Yunker says, “I would tell them look into it and if they’re experiencing any sort of symptom, get off the drug right away, no matter what

Tonight, Bayer, the drug company behind Yaz sent CBS 2 a statement, saying, “Bayer stands behind the safety of our…Oral contraceptives when used according to product labeling.”

Bayer has already paid out about a $1 billion in Yaz related settlements. The company has set aside a billion more for future lawsuits.