CHICAGO (CBS) — Gay and lesbian parents are reacting to this week’s Supreme Court ruling, the day before the city’s Pride Parade, reports WBBM’s Brandis Friedman.

Quentin Calder and his husband Ryan were legally married in California in 2008, before same-sex marriage was made illegal.

He says this has been an interesting week for them.

“I think it is an excellent step forward. Obviously, it is a very exciting week and it came right during Pride Week,” said Calder.

But he and several other parents at a play-date at the Center on Halsted think efforts to achieve marriage equality still have a long way to go.

“Frankly, it’s mystifying to me what it is going on in the Illinois Legislature,” said Debra Pogrund-Stark.

Because Pogrund-Stark and her wife have two-year-old twin boys, they plan to find a calmer place to watch the weekend’s Pride Parade, because attendees can expect an energized crowd.

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