CHICAGO (CBS) — Governor Quinn is continuing his effort to sway lawmakers on the concealed carry issue, using all of the shootings in the city in recent days in arguing for changes he made to the concealed carry legislation passed overwhelmingly in the House and Senate.

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The Governor marched on the South Side today with activist pastor Corey Brooks and members of his congregation at New Beginnings Church, on the 6600 block of South King Drive.

Quinn noted that more than 50 people have been shot, including two little boys and he said, “We’ve gotta have some common sense here.”

He said its important to “activate the public and that’s what we’re doing today and every day until they vote.”

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The legislature considers Quinn’s nine changes make to the legislation on Tuesday.

It’s not known what the lawmakers will do, but when concealed carry was passed it cleared both the house and senate by wide margins, large enough to override the governor’s amendatory veto.

His changes include a ban on guns in establishments with liquor licenses and a one-gun and one-clip limit for those carrying concealed weapons.

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He also objected to language allowing a concealed weapon to be “partially concealed.”