CHICAGO (CBS) — There was a fundraiser last night – and another one tomorrow night – for a 44-year-old man who is still hospitalized after he tried to break up a bar fight in Rogers Park three weeks ago.

His friends in the Rogers Park bar that night in mid-June said Michael Davis was just trying to keep the peace.

Later in the evening, the two men he ushered out earlier beat him with a baseball bat.

Davis had head and face injuries and a broken jaw.

And his medical expenses are growing.

He is a restaurant worker without adequate health insurance.

Nicole Ess is also in the food service business – and she’s a leader of an organization that’s raising money for Michael Davis.

“I’ve been in this industry for about 12 years now. I’ve watched a lot of my friends get hurt or go through some really traumatic times where they haven’t had the proper insurance, insurance at all, or the money to fund their medical bills,” said Ess.

“So we’ve created a not-for-profit to band the community together to raise money and create a pot to where if someone does get hurt and they’re out of work and they can’t cover a bill, then we’ve created a fund where they can come to us.”

The organization is called “UN86’D.”

“Eighty-six” in restaurant jargon means the kitchen is sold out. “As a staff we know that we no longer have it,” Ess says.

“Un-86 is bringing it back. So we’re un-86ing you from being sick or being hurt.”

Monday’s fundraiser for Davis is at the Red Door on Damen.

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