CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s been another deadly night with three more murders after an already violent Fourth of July holiday week in Chicago. In all, 65 Chicagoans were shot last week, and 16 of those were killed, according to police.

CBS 2’S Pamela Jones reports that, at Saint Sabina’s community center tonight, they are pushing for peace despite the violence.

Some of the young men teaming up the court are rivals on the street, but the Peacemakers Basketball League says it’s serious about posting up against violence.

Even during the championship game Chicago Police were investigating deadly shootings.

Near Lawndale and Ohio, there was one dead, with another life lost near Congress and Pulaski and a third at the 1600 block of South Drake.

League member 20-year-old Deuan has lived the life.

Asked what is going on with all of the violence, Deuan said, “It’s really about the territory.”

Chicago’s top cop wants neighborhoods to silence the gunfire by using social media to repot tips.

The new strategy? A Twitter pilot program in three police districts, putting CAPS beat meetings online, and encouraging witnesses to text pictures of suspects at crime scenes.

“If we have a picture of a criminal committing a crime and we’re approaching the scene, we might catch the guy 2 blocks away,” said McCarthy,

“The information, the texting and all that is great, but until we deal with the root of the problem which is options for young brothers to do out here. We’re not going to solve the problem,” said Fr. Michael Pfleger.

A problem we’re told comes from a lack of hope and success. Self-described former gang leader Curtis says killing is the only route to recognition for many.

“They don’t think that they can be doctors. They don’t think they can be lawyers. So the only thing they can be now is quote, unquote the term that we use now is called a hitter. A hitter goes out and hurts people and that’s quote unquote the in thing to be now,” said Curtis.