(CBS) — There’s been another case of German Measles in the Midwest.

It doesn’t happen very often. Last year there was a baby born with it in Chicago, and now an international student at Valparaiso University has come down with it.

German Measles, or Rubella, is a viral respiratory disease that’s spread through direct contact or mucus, like coughing. Epidemiologist Angela Cierzniewski says most people don’t have anything to worry about, but pregnant women do.

“During your pregnancy, your doctor will order a series of blood work and one of the things that they test for is to see if you are immune to Rubella just because of the risks to your child when the child is born,” said Cierzniewski.

Rubella can cause serious birth defects and even lead to the baby’s death. In most states, immunization is required before school, but you can usually get a waiver for medical or religious reasons.

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