SCHAUMBURG, Ill. (CBS) — Police corruption and performance are among the focus of a new 90-page report on the Schaumburg Police Department.

CBS 2’s Mike Parker was in the northwest suburb when the report was released.

In January, Schaumburg Police Officers Terrance O’Brien, Matthew Hudak and John Cicy were charged with ripping off drug dealers while serving search warrants, taking cash and selling their drugs.

“There was some bad behavior by some officers that were eliminated and procedures and policies and supervision that are being put into place now should allow us to make sure that it doesn’t happen again,” said interim Schaumburg Police Chief Kenneth Bouche.

Tuesday night, Bouche unveiled to village officials and in-depth studies of procedures and problems in the Schaumburg PD. The study, by the Hillard-Heintze security consulting firm, says there are many problems that have to be fixed.

It calls for improving a two percent arrest rate burglaries, says undercover arrests for prostitution are often so poorly handled they cannot be prosecuted and says there is poor collection of data on gang activities.

Despite those criticisms, the new interim police chief says his department is basically a good one.

“The assurance that to the residents is that they are going to continue to get a high level of police service which they always received here,” said Kenneth Bouche.