WAUKEGAN, Ill. (CBS) — It’s unclear what his intentions were, but Waukegan police said they are investigating at least two incidents in which a man caused slow leaks in young women’s car tires, then offered to help them.

WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports Alexa Colangelo was in the parking lot at Target in Waukegan, and heard a hissing sound, but didn’t realize right away that her tire was leaking.

She started to drive off, and noticed a white truck that had been parked next to her was following her.

Colangelo said the driver pulled up next to her to tell her she was getting a flat, and insisted on helping with the leak in her tire.

“The way he was talking, he was so sure how my tire was leaking,” she said. “He was very persistent on the matter of trying to help me, even when I said no.”

He made a U-turn and drove off after she continued to decline his help.

“I was very nervous, I was scared, and I was scared for other people, because it’s a very popular store, and a lot of girls go there to go shopping,” she said. “I was worried that one of my friends could be the next person.”

Her father said he believes it was a deliberate attempt to have her pull over to the side of the road, so she could become the victim of a crime while her car was disabled.

Colangelo said she’s not sure what the man intended to do.

“I’m not entirely sure. He kind of just seemed like he was creepy and wanted to follow me,” she said.

Police said they got a complaint that the man did the same thing before at the same Target, but in that case fixed a woman’s tire and left.