UPDATED 7/18/2013 4 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — First Lady Michelle Obama was in Chicago on Thursday to tout an organization that helps children understand what it takes to succeed in the working world.

Obama joined Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his wife, Amy Rule, at Urban Alliance Chicago.

Urban Alliance gives inner city children the shot at internships, job training and career mentors.

One Urban Alliance graduate told the first lady that he gained some valuable experience as an intern at Walgreen’s.

“Someone who is not on time is not dependable. And someone who is not dependable is otherwise expendable. Because time and presentations wait for no one.”

The first lady was impressed.

“Programs like these are the answer in so many ways to stemming the tide of violence for kids in some many communities,” she said.

A total of 95 percent of students at Urban Alliance are headed to college this fall.

Michelle Obama had arrived in Chicago last night to catch Beyonce at the United Center, rockin’ with her daughters.

While that may have been the big reason for her trip, she was clearly pleased to be among the kids at Urban Alliance.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help,” she told the students. “You will have so much more to contribute than you think. Your perspective in life which is different than your classmates, your observations, your judgment will be different and in many cases better.”

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