(CBS) — White Sox outfielder Alex Rio told the Chicago Tribune before Saturday’s game with the Braves that his benching Friday night after failing to hustle to first base “could have been managed in a better way.”

“If he wants to send a message to myself, it would’ve gone through better if he put me in his office and talked to me personally, you know. If he wants to make a statement for the team, it probably worked. But I don’t know what his intentions were. But that’s what I wanted to see,” said Rios.

Ventura defended his decision to bench Rios, saying, “I get where he’s coming from, but from where I’m coming he probably understands how I have to do it.”

Rios denied any feud between him and Ventura.

“I’m cool with him. He has to do what he has to do, you know, but the situation could’ve been handled a little better,” said Rios.

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