CHICAGO (CBS) — A sink hole on the South Side is frustrating drivers, but also creating some Good Samaritans, reports WBBM’s Michele Fiore.

James Henderson has lived on the 7900 block of South Euclid for 45 years and he is taking a fatherly approach to this.

Yesterday, Henderson walked outside and found a sinkhole on the street and right away reported it. Henderson has since moved his car down the street because he says he certainly doesn’t want to get caught up in anything like what happened in April when a sinkhole in the 9600 block of South Houston when a sinkhole swallowed three cars.

Sunday morning outside warning drivers as they passed by, one by one.

“That is my house right there and I moved my car down here and we’re trying to get in touch with my neighbor to make sure she moves her car before somebody has an accident,” said Henderson.

The sinkhole’s about a foot wide and half foot deep, but Henderson says it’s growing. He says he is confident though his Alderman will take care of it.

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