By Gregg Doyel-

(CBS) It’s not the cheating that has us — OK, me — so mad at Ryan Braun. It’s the lying. It’s the attacking of that specimen collector. It’s the oath upon his own life that he was telling the truth.

I can handle the cheating. I can’t handle the lying.

The cheating makes sense. Look at the back of Braun’s baseball card. Look at his spectacular rookie season. Not a lot of difference between that season and the rest of his career, you know? He’s probably been cheating since 2007. Years ago, as a minor leaguer in 2006, he didn’t know he was good enough to star in the big leagues. Until you do it, you don’t know. How can you know? And with so many others in baseball cheating, Braun stacked the deck in his favor to cheat also. If he was going to fail upon reaching the big leagues, he was going to fail on equal terms with the cheaters.

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