By Tim Baffoe-

(CBS) Ryan Braun is a bad guy. Nobody except Front Row Amy really debates that. But essentially why?

Is it because he further tarnished the purity of America’s pastime? Because he shattered the trust of so many of his fans? Stepped on others to try to succeed?

Is it just his massively brutal fashion line?

None of those things really. No, Twitter intelligentsia is happy to let you know that Braun is to be hated and did these awful things because he’s Jewish! Ah, sweet bigotry. We can always count on you to make complicated things so much more ignorantly simple before we attempt to seduce a cousin.

You know the drill. On to the shaming.

Something tells me that feeling the need to include a dollar symbol in your fake name means you don’t make many dollars. Probably a Jew’s fault, though, right?

I mean, yeah, let’s look at this from a perspective of the largest investment scandal in American history. Or what about Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, huh? That wasn’t good. Now the Braun stuff isn’t so bad, is it?

What mixes far better with sports is ignorant bros. Merica.

I was going to get mad at that, but this guy seems like he’s probably a credible doctor.


Wait, wait. He cited Urban Dictionary, though.

As an English teacher I have to accept his formal referencing.

Please stop losing track of double-whammy-worthy facts, people. This is why we can’t have productive discussions.

Um… Jesus?

And Huffington Post shared a few tweets from terrible people, many of which have since been deleted (but the text of them lives there forever), including one from @Just_In_Time618, who decided he should delete his stupidity while still telling HuffPo to suck something:

…and retweeted this:

…and this:

Looking at his timeline you’ll see a few homophobic tweets regarding Braun, too. By the way, here are Justin Spisto’s high school hoops stats.

Now let’s sit back and wait for the same anti-Semitic heat to be put on Alex Rodriguez once he’s suspended. Mazel tov, y’all.

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