CHICAGO (CBS) — A west suburban couple was so clever with their wedding invitation, when they put a picture of their RSVP response card online, it went viral.

28-year-old Katie Kerr of Aurora and 29-year-old Chris Sabino of Wheaton get married on Sept. 21.

Even though the reception is at the Medinah Country Club, they do not want people to think it’s going to be a stuffy affair, so they included goofy response options on the RSVP cards they sent with their invitations.

For yes, options include:

  • Two words: Free. Booze.
  • I’m in your wedding party, idiot. Wait, is this optional?
  • This is my only chance to play golf at Medinah & I plan on sneaking off during the toasts to play a quick round.
  • I would never dream of missing it! After all, knowing the Kerr/Sabino Family (circle one), this should be a night full of must-see fun/drama/ridiculous dancing (circle one)!

For NO, for those not attending, options include:

  • I’m lame. On a scale of one to ten, my lameness would be in the 9,5 to 9.8 range.
  • I’ll be watching the Cubs win the World Series. Edit: these options are meant to be circumstances that could actually happen.
  • I will be visiting, um, Yemen, Yeah, Yemen. But it’s a secret trip. So if you ask anyone, they will have no clue what you’re talking about.
  • I don’t know who you people are or how you got my address. Leave me alone! (Oh, and congrats on your upcoming nuptials.)

“We wanted to show our personalities,” Kerr said. “We wanted people to know we want it to be a fun party and not a stuffy, proper wedding per se.”

She said she and her fiancé might have outsmarted themselves with the clever invite.

“We keep saying this is terrible, because there’s no way we can live up to this hype,” she said

Kerr worries her invite brought out too many expectations of the wedding and that all 300 invitees might show up…when they counted on 30% “no’s”.

So far, she says, all 20 responses that have been sent back have been yeses.

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