(CBS) – A Streeterville couple narrowly missed being hit by construction debris.

The couple was sitting and relaxing by their pool when it came from above.

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez has their story.

Neda and Milos Otic say they were poolside on their rooftop deck last week when a nail-studded 2-by-4 crashed down from the sky, splitting on impact.

Milos sitting on the edge of this chaise lounge- was nearly hit.

“We were both just astonished to see such a big chunk fall off the building,” Milos Otic said.

“I just freaked out. I was super-scared,” Neda Otic said.

The couple says when workers atop the site shouted apologies, they realized just how far the debris fell. After reporting the incident at their building, they learned it wasn’t the first time.

“Our door person showed us a couple of pieces of metal that fell that day,” Neda said.

The building under construction, part of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, sits on the corner of Ontario and Fairbanks in the pedestrian-filled Streeterville neighborhood.

In a statement, the hospital said the site “experienced two isolated incidents resulting in debris landing outside of the designated work zone. Neither occurrence resulted in injury.”

Work was halted immediately, and a third-party safety audit has resulted in “the enhancement of surrounding netting and tarps to better ‘cocoon’ the construction site.”

Friday, construction was still at a standstill, which was just fine with the Otics.

The couple says they haven’t noticed any changes yet, not beyond a five-foot net that was already up.

Northwestern says they are taking the matter very seriously and want the highest standard of safety. Work on the project resumes Monday.