By Brad Edwards

 (CBS) – A liquor store employee is recovering from critical injuries after a robber attacked him with a claw hammer.

It was the late, late shift at Jefferson Park’s Lis Liquors. Aaron Federman, 29, grabbed a pack of gum and went to the register, where he allegedly struck the employee with the hammer.

“You have to be out of your mind to hit someone with a hammer,” the co-owner tells CBS 2’s Brad Edwards.

He says the video shows Federman swipe across the head of the employee. It could have been a death blow.

“This is terrible. You know, completely, without no humanity, nothing, you know he’s just the worst example of this world,” says the owner, who has reviewed surveillance video.

The accused lives in a third-floor apartment with his mom. A neighbor says it’s been terrifying to live near him.

Federman, charged with armed robbery, is jailed on a $700,000 bond. The clerk, initially in critical condition, reportedly is doing better and responding.

“Very honest, hard-working person and a very dedicated to working here.  What’s happened to him is really a shame,” the owner said.

Brad Edwards