By Roseanne Tellez

(CBS) — The cooler weather is certainly being felt by some businesses that revel in the heat. It was so cold over the weekend some water parks had to close.

This kind of weather in Chicago in July? It’s given brisk business a whole new meaning and it’s even worse at some other area businesses.

This time of year usually means lines out the door at the Village Creamery in Skokie, but not today.

“Yeah I’m pretty lonely,” said Molly Wuest, a worker at the Village Creamery.

Across the street at the Skokie Water Playground, parking was no problem and the cooler temps didn’t seem to faze some folks, but the empty pool chairs, tell the story.

The manager says daily attendance is down 30-35 percent, and season passes are down 20-25 percent on top of that. Scott Runkle of the Skokie Water Playground says the worst part was, “Probably this last weekend. lows were in 50s the highs were in the middle 60s, just not good swimming weather.”

In fact staff, many of them wearing sweat pants and fleeces, were sent home early.

“It’s kind of breezy, a little cold. It’s water, it’s summer, what the hell,” said Jeremiah Kern who was visiting from Minnesota.

Easy for him to say, he’s from Minnesota, but his wife is from here.

“This is atypical from what I remember. It was always very, very hot in July,” said Lynne Kern.

The upside for pool goers, no lines and plenty of seats. You practically have the place to yourself.