CHICAGO (CBS) During each and every baseball season, trade rumors begins flying around toward the end of July.

As the season approaches the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline, buyers begin to buy and sellers begin to, well, sell.

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For the White Sox, a team close to 20 games out of first place, selling seems to be the only option.

So with trade rumors surrounding top players like Jake Peavy, Alex Rios and Alexei Ramirez, has it affected the White Sox on the field?

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“Not really,” team captain Paul Konerko said. “We were sh—- before the rumors. That’s a fact. We were. That goes back to a long time ago. Everyone is handling it well. Every now and again you catch a guy that doesn’t get the business end of it, but not in this clubhouse this year. Everyone knows that’s just part of the drill. Rumors of trades are (as much) a part of the game as rain delays and whatever else.”

With prospects seemingly coveted by all 30 MLB teams, Konerko said he doesn’t expect to see much trade activity moving forward.

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“There are a million different reasons that factor into these things,” he said. “I think (keeping prospects) is a trend that’s been happening. You just don’t see the trades like you used to for a lot of different reasons.. There will probably be some. Maybe we make one or two. There will probably be others as we come down the line toward Wednesday. But it’s not like normal compared to what it was five, 10 years ago.”