By Gregg Doyel-

(CBS) He said something awful and the world crumbled all around Chris Culliver, threatening to blot out every good thing he’d ever done and replace it with one word — to be played on an endless loop any time the subject of Chris Culliver came up:

Homophobe homophobe homophobe …

After he slurred gays during Super Bowl week, after the world fell on Chris Culliver, the 49ers cornerback had a choice to make: He could respond with the ego and cocksure attitude that comes easy to a professional athlete. Or he could respond with humility and remorse.

Culliver responded with humility and remorse. He responded like an absolute champ. Many will remember him for what he said five days before the Super Bowl, but some will remember him for what happened next — when Chris Culliver grew up, reached out, used his act of bad to become a force for good.

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