By Mike Puccinelli

(CBS) – At Teleperformance’s Hobart, Ind. plant, it’s gotten so busy the city’s agreed to add a bus stop next to the business.

“They committed to us to drop off make the bus drop off right in front of the office. Much easier for people coming from 45 minutes or farther away,” Scott Amo says.

People like Amalia Hernandez.

“I was able to find work here close to home and now I’m getting a full 40 hours a week,” she says.

Hernandez is one of 162,000 people in America who found work in July. That brought the nation’s unemployment rate to the lowest level in nearly five years.

But the director of economic analysis at Morningstar says we’re still well above pre-recession levels.

“We’ve got a ways yet to come down,” Robert Johnson says.

Still, Teleperformance’s boss in Hobart is bullish.

“We’re looking forward to August and going into the last quarter of the year,” he says.

Business is booming so much at Teleperformance that by Sept. 1 they hope to have this 700-station call center operating at full capacity.

The increased business has created opportunities for workers like Felicia Stevenson. Not long ago she was unemployed. Now, she’s been promoted to manager.

“As the economy is picking up you can see the growth here at Teleperformance as well,” she says. “Great news for me.”

Morningstar’s director of economic analysis predicts that the economy will continue to pick up steam in the second half. He says we could hit a growth rate of 3 percent in the final quarter of the year.