(CBS) — A state representative from Illinois who’s used to writing and voting on legislation has found herself on the other side of the process, reports WBBM’s Nick Young.

North Side Chicago Democrat Ann Williams was adopted in Pennsylvania back in 1968, and despite numerous requests for information that’s pretty much all she knows about where she came from.

“Someone asked me the question ‘Where were you born?’ and my answer is I don’t know. ‘So do you have the name of your biological mother, your biological father?’ the answer is no,” said Williams.

So lawmakers in Pennsylvania called her to testify last month on behalf of new legislation that would open adoption records in that state. It’s similar to laws already in place in Illinois.

She says they reflect a change from the country’s 1950s mindset that adoptions should be kept secret.

“Secrets aren’t healthy. Secrets are not good,” said Williams.

Williams says the bill may be called for a vote before the end of the month.

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