(CBS) — Chicago Police say they’re looking into a growing number of reports of bogus tickets for big name concerts sold online.

CBS 2’s Chris Martinez spoke with a suburban family of Taylor Swift fans who say they were victims.

All Bill Edgar wanted was to give his girls a night they’d never forget.

“I thought I had enough information to make an informed decision,” said Edgar.

So when he a guy selling Taylor Swift concert tickets on craigslist he thought it was a deal.

“It was $175 a ticket, so it was $700 total,” said Edgar.

But a later search of his seats online made him think something else, as he found out they were front row.

“This is starting to sound too good to be true,” said Edgar.

Turned out he was right.

“I was really upset,” said Camille Edgar.

Subtle differences show the tickets he was sold were bogus. A side by side comparison with a legit ticket shows the print font is different, just like the size of the bar code and the letters that make up the venue code.

To call it a letdown doesn’t really cover it.

“It’s Taylor Swift! Who wouldn’t be disappointed?” said Camille.

Just as much for dad as the girls.

“I lost the money, but they lost the opportunity I think to have a really good night,” said Bill Edgar.

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