CHICAGO (CBS) — Seniors chanted their anger at the CHA over conditions in the Judge Slater senior apartment at 42nd and Cottage Grove, reports WBBM’s John Cody.

Demonstration leader Alphonso Jones displayed pictures of filth piled behind refrigerators, finish eroding off shower stall floors, paint bubbling and peeling off walls, too much for a senior to handle.

“Most of these seniors are unable to do it because of their health. Some of them are crippled, some of them are totally disabled and they cannot do that,” said Jones.

CHA spokesman Wendy Park says tenant meetings are regular.

“We want to ensure that there is cleanliness. We have asked our residents to ensure that they are also cleanly because we have monthly meetings with all of our residents,” said Park.

CHA spokesman Wendy Park also noted the authority is already doing $13.8 million worth of rehab on South Side senior units.

Jones says his apartment is one of those already rehabbed and he says it’s already falling apart, with bathroom fixtures falling off the wall

Demonstrators from the Kenwood Oakland community organization want senior management replaced. The CHA says seniors concerns are being addressed.