(CBS) — South suburban Dixmoor has fired its latest police chief, and the politically accusations are beginning to fly, reports WBBM’s Bob Roberts.

Robert Fox confirms that he has been fired but he has nothing else to say. Mayor Dorothy Armstrong has not returned calls.

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Trustee Michael Smith claims it is all political and linked to Fox’s plea this week to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart to back up the suburbs undermanned department.

Smith claims Fox was undermined for refusing to make a political hire.

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“We need the sheriff’s to come in and balance us off because we do have some things that are going on that the sheriff needs to come out. He needs to come out and take a deep look as to what is going on in the police department of Dixmoor,” said Smith.

Smith says Fox was making headway despite a skeletal staff.

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The Cook County Sheriff’s Police released a statement saying:”We’re outraged that the mayor fired Chief Fox because he was acting in the best interest of the people of Dixmoor. The sheriff’s police will continue to provide support to Dixmoor regardless of the mayor’s actions.”