CHICAGO (CBS) — Granted, any Top 10 list is going to be subjective, no matter what the subject, but if Chicago’s not on a list of Top 10 cities for pizza, something is wrong.

TripAdvisor surveyed reviews and opinions from its users on all restaurants that serve pizza to come up with a list of the best cities to get a slice.

Now, before you let your reflexive New York envy kick in, the Big Apple didn’t top the list.

Wait for it.

It was San Diego.

Even worse? Chicago couldn’t beat out Las Vegas, Seattle, Austin, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, or Phoenix.

Sure, Boston and New York have some good pizza, but does anyone really think of pizza as a signature dish in Texas or Arizona? In Seattle, you’d probably think of coffee or seafood. In Austin, some good Texas barbecue. In Philadelphia, a greasy cheesesteak.

If there’s one food everyone knows Chicago is famous for, it’s pizza.

Lou Malnati’s, Giordano’s, Gino’s East, Pizzeria Uno, Connie’s, Nancy’s, Beggar’s; and those are just the biggest names. We could go on for days about all the great pizza spots in Chicago.

The debate might never end over whether Chicago or New York has the best pizza, but TripAdvisor probably needs to recheck its numbers.

Maybe Mayor Emanuel can get some of his rich pals to send the folks at TripAdvisor a slice from every pizzeria in the city so they can taste for themselves how big a mistake they’ve made leaving Chicago off the list.