CHICAGO (CBS) — Special cameras will begin issuing warnings to speeders near four city parks as early as late next week.

Actual ticketing won’t be far behind.

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The city says it will set the speed cameras to spew out nothing but warnings for 30 days. After that, the fines kick in.

The first ticket is a warning. After that, the fine will be $35 for those going between 6 and 10 over the limit, $100 for those going faster.

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The first four cameras will be installed near Garfield, Gompers, Washington, and Marquette parks.

Within weeks, speed cameras will appear near Humboldt, Douglas, McKinley, Legion, and Abbott parks; and outside of Curie High School, Jones College Prep, and the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

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Each placement was supposedly picked based on traffic, speeding, and crash statistics.