Two llamas charged with mowing the grass at O'Hare. (Credit: Nancy Harty)

Two llamas charged with mowing the grass at O’Hare. (Credit: Nancy Harty)

CHICAGO (CBS) — Grazing goats and landscaping llamas are among the newest workers at O’Hare international airport.

More than two dozen animals are taking part in the eco-friendly initiative to clear the land around the airport.

When most of us hear that roar overhead we tend to look up, but they don’t. In fact, it seems nothing not even a camera’s lens in their face keeps them from doing their job.

The team of barnyard rescues are now O’Hare’s new landscaping experts.

“We’ve got llamas…wild burros…sheep and goats,” said Pinky Janota.

They are charged with munching and mowing the grounds too tough to manage with traditional equipment in a greener – cheaper way.

“It’s thinking differently, accomplishing the same goals, same mission, managing our property but in a more sustainable way,” said Aviation Commissioner Rosemarie Andolino.

Over time, the herd will clear out about 120 airport acres.

“They’ll take about three weeks to take down what is about a multi-acre site,” said Joseph Arnold.

Their surroundings so far are offering no distraction.

“They don’t even lift their head after eating to acknowledge a plane going overhead,” said Janota.

That includes the herd’s newest member born here this morning and now named O’Hare.

“Planes going overhead, it didn’t flinch, mom didn’t move and he’s doing wonderful, so we’re really thrilled with that,” said Janota.

The herd will stay in that one plot of land until it’s cleared and then they’ll be moved on to the next.

Every plot they’ll tackle is fenced off so there’s no chance of roaming on to a runway.

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