By Chris Rongey-

If you would have asked me several months ago — and many of you did — whether this White Sox team would execute a bevy of trades before the season came to an end, I would have told you — and I did — that I’d be surprised if they made more than a deal or two.

Well, I’ve been known to be wrong on occasion (it happened once in May), and it turns out this is one of those times.

This past week the White Sox pulled off their fourth deal in less than a month. Alex Rios was sent to Texas in exchange for a defensive middle infielder in Leury Garcia, who comes from a system rich in international prospects.

Now with Rios gone — along with Jake Peavy, Matt Thornton and Jesse Crain — this really does now feel like more of a rebuild than anything we’ve seen this organization do in years, though it’s still not nearly a complete overhaul.

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