CHICAGO (CBS) — Police say someone with a loaded BB gun like this is targeting women on the streets of Waukegan, even hitting a pregnant woman in the stomach.

It has women we talked to feeling uneasy.

“That’s really terrifying. That’s pretty scary,” said Waukegan resident Laurie Perez.

“They’re occurring all times of day and various locations throughout our city,” said Waukegan Police Sgt. Cory Kelly.

And it’s happened seven times so far since August 1. The victims were close to the street when someone opened fire.

In two cases witnesses reported seeing what they thought was a white getaway car leaving the scene.

One of the victims was wounded in the arm, one in the face.

“A lot of people are just careless and a bit reckless,” said Sergio Webb.

Today Waukegan police posted photos of the wounds and information on the Waukegan neighborhood policing program Facebook page. They hope the social media push will push someone to leave them the tip that leads to the BB shooter.

“When we’re saturated with a large amount of crimes in a short period of time, we want to bring awareness to our community,” said Sgt. Kelly.

Anyone with information is asked to call (847) 360-9001. All callers can remain anonymous or they can leave contact information for a possible cash reward.

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