Mario Garcia and Domingo Garcia-Hernandez (Credit: Chicago Police)

Mario Garcia and Domingo Garcia-Hernandez (Credit: Chicago Police)

CHICAGO (CBS) — You’ve got to wonder what they were thinking. Police say two men tried to hold up a West Rogers Park restaurant but were told to come back later, and they did. And then, of course, they were busted.

But there is more to this bizarre story. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards returned to the scene of the crime.

It was prime time for the Clifton Grill Sunday regulars.

Mohammad Mukhi was in the restaurant Sunday when two men appeared and the owner approach them frazzled.

“He said one guy came and he has a gun and give me food,” said Mukhi. “I said call 9-1-1.”

CBS 2 spoke to the out-of-town owner. He said one, Domingo Garcia-Hernandez, had a gun and said “I will kill you, I have a gun with me.”

The owner, concerned for patrons told Garcia-Hernandez and Mario Garcia to come back in an hour, and they did. Their scheme, or lack there-of, foiled.

It’s alleged the gun 4-foot-8 Garcia-Hernandez alluded to is a squirt gun.

When they returned an hour later, they demanded food and $100. The owner told the guys he needed to get his wife’s check book, which bought him enough time to call police.

Brad Edwards