CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago anti-violence activist throws his hat in the ring for Illinois Governor, reports WBBM’s Brandis Friedman.

On a sidewalk in the North Lawndale neighborhood, former Ceasefire director Tio Hardiman made his plans clear.

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“I know people look at me now saying, ‘This guy, who does he think he is?’ I’m Tio Hardiman and I’m running for governor and that is it,” said Hardiman.

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The 50-year-old has had problems in recent months, losing his job at CeaseFire and marital troubles that included a domestic battery arrest, but Hardiman draws the distinction between himself and former governors Blagojevich and Ryan.

“A lot of times, the media they bring up a lot of things I may have done in the past, but I am not a convicted felon, and I want to make that clear,” said Hardiman.

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On his platform: tackling corruption in Illinois government, building a casino in Chicago to create jobs, and providing more educational opportunities for non-violent offenders in state prison.