EAST CHICAGO, Ind. (CBS) — A 17-year-old Northwest Indiana boy is accused of a brutal crime against pets. Police say he hunted and killed three kittens in his neighborhood, then he posed for photos with the cats and posted them on Facebook.

CBS 2’s Pamela Jones has more on this heinous crime in this original report.

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Police say defenseless kittens were skewered by a 17-year-old with a bow and arrow. Lake County Indiana investigator Michelle Dvorscak showed us photos that a teen allegedly posed for and posted on Facebook, photos too gruesome to show.

“Two kittens on an arrow. One’s been shot through the head, it looks like one’s been shot through the body,” said Dvorscak.

The scene was an alley behind the boy’s home in East Chicago. Police say he took aim, hunting the cats about two weeks ago.

“He did confess. He said he was bored out of his mind the week before school started and decided to hunt some kittens,” said Dvorscak.

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Police say staff at the Lake County Animal Adoption and Control Center took an anonymous call from someone complaining about the gruesome photos.

“What this anonymous caller did was the best thing. We got the tip, we found all the information,” said Yvonne Scott of the Lake County Animal Adoption and Control.

“They were horrible and horrific. And I don’t know how somebody could do that to a poor innocent kitten,” said Jennelle Melendy, of the Lake County Animal Adoption and Control.

They hope criminal charges against this teen will save other innocent animals and stop others from preying on pets.

“Juveniles who perpetrate these acts need to get therapy and need to pay for the crimes that they’ve committed,” said Dvorscak.

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The prosecutor’s office is considering felony charges against this teen for abusing and killing the three kittens. The photos were removed from Facebook after several users complained.