(CBS) — She’s a champion gymnast whose favorite thing is teaching kids and she certainly has something special to offer them.

Harry Porterfield says Hayley Butcher is someone you should know.

As a child, Hayley Butcher once said she wanted to make gymnastics her life work.

She’s 22 now and in keeping with that pledge she coaches kids at the Midwest Training and Ice Center in Dyer Indiana.

“Little kids they actually make me enjoy the sport more. They have so much fun with it. I just enjoy working with them,” said Butcher.

In Hayley Butcher they have a lot to look up to.

She is the Senior Women’s Elite National Trampoline Champion and a member of the U.S. Trampoline Team.

“I never thought I would truly be the USA National champion,” said Butcher.

Getting there was not easy.

“I was in Guadalajara, Mexico for the Pan American Championships,” said Butcher.

In 2010 she had a full left knee reconstruction after landing the wrong way during a training session.

“Trampoline, you take spills a lot. It’s only so big, so you’re bound to go off of it. I dislocated my left leg to the side,” said Butcher.

“I wanted to be part of the team, I was there to represent the U.S. I was not sure if I was ever going to jump trampoline again.”

She was sidelined for a year.

“I want kids to know that it’s possible to come back from an injury that significant,” said Butcher.

Hayley became a gymnast at the age of five, as a therapy because her doctors discovered she was suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

“My parents thought it would be good rehab with the stretching and working-out all the time,” said Buther.

Even now she is still troubled by the ailment.

“I do get some flare ups here and there, but it’s rally under control,” said Butcher.

Harry Porterfield asked her coach Oleg Fedesov about the Olympics himself a Russian Trampoline Champion if she can go all the way.

“Yes, She can come to Olympics champion and after that we will see. For another three years of qualifying to Olympic champion,” said Fedesov.