(CBS) — Police say someone in Champaign has used blow darts to attack two people in the University of Illinois campus area.

“We’ve had two unusual cases come to our attention,” says Champaign Police Spokeswoman Rene Dunn.

A 20-year-old student was hit with a blow dart Tuesday night. And about an hour and a half later — and a few blocks away — a 35-year-old man was also hit with a blow dart, she says.

Both were hit in the left forearm, Dunn says, and both went to a hospital for treatment.

Neither victim saw anyone.

She says the first incident is near at least one fraternity house.

“I won’t name which ones they are because we don’t want to falsely implicate any fraternity members or their house,” Dunn says.

Champaign police are looking at a lot of possibilities, she says.

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