(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to the king of Who Ya Crappin’? – Mike Ditka.

This, from Bill on Capitol Hill.

This is for the congealed form of Mike Ditka. In a recent speech to the Chicago Bears, the patron saint of the kielbasa symbol faithfully recited the usual sermons about life’s lessons and how the game was about their lifelong friendships and so on. So far, so boring. But then the coach decided to add insult to inanity when he warned the players that they couldn’t serve both the Bears and mammon.

‘It’s not about the money,’ he said.

Ditka may have  had a few rough decades. These days, he looks a lot like 250 pounds of a condemned bacon, but let’s give him credit for consistency. This was much the same advice he gave to two of his players – Jay Hilgenberg and Keith Van Horne – when the lineman were offered money to sell Campbell’s Chunky Soup on television. Hilgenberg and Van Horne reluctantly agreed that the commercial would be a distraction. Imagine their surprise then when they turned on the television one fine day and saw a Chunky Soup ad featuring Mike Ditka. 

Of course it’s not about the money, Coach. It’s all about the soup, which apparently you’re now drinking through a straw. Mike Ditka, who ya crappin’?