CHICAGO (CBS) — Celebrating the Labor Day holiday has just begun, and many can’t wait to soak in the sun.

Retailers are hoping for rain, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports

“Not heavy rain but just enough that you’re going to get people off the beach and maybe out to the mall,” said Mary Ann McGrath, a Loyola University marketing professor.

In case it doesn’t rain, deep discounts are the lure–some as high as 75 percent.

At the Home Depot on Lincoln and McCormick, left over patio furniture is priced to move.

One set was selling for $159, down from $799.

A patio table marked down 50 percent got the attention of John Nikobin.

“We need it for next year,” he said. “That’s why we’re going to buy it, because they have sale.”

There are sales in almost every category–from the expected summer clothing clearance to the unexpected household goods.

Typically towels and sheets are on sale in January, but stores are trying to clear that stock to make way for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Black Friday–the traditional post-Thanksgiving consumer free-for-all–no longer has a lock on electronics.

TVs are also big bargains this Labor Day weekend.

“They’re just trying to get people into their stores,” said McGrath. “It could be kind of a loss leader.”

Once in the store, you’ll be rewarded with sales on new fall merchandise.

Or, as Sharon Bolden discovered, much-needed school uniforms.

“Basically, everybody is running at least a 50 percent off on school uniforms now, so that would be reason enough to get me out,” she said.

Shoppers who plan to leave the grill unlit and go shopping this weekend should sign up for a store’s email alerts to get coupons or other discounts, experts say.