(CBS) — White Sox GM Rick Hahn stopped by the Hit And Run Show Sunday morning on 670 The Score and praised All-Star pitcher Chris Sale for having a great season.

“He has gotten very, very, poor run support and based on the periphery numbers, he really should have a much better record and should be right in the middle of the Cy Young debate right now. Unfortunately, you don’t see many Cy Young winners of off last-place clubs so he is not quite getting the national recognition for how sensational the year that he has really had,” said Hahn.

“As important as the performance, is we have seen no decline in the velocity. Knock-on-wood he feels great and as both he and Coop alluded to recently, as opposed to limping across the finish line as he candidly did by his own admission in 2012, he is poised to sprint across here in 2013,” said Hahn.

“We are going to continue to be cautious with him. For the past several starts, we have had a soft-cap of 110 pitches on him. Obviously, we haven’t publicized that, but that was the fact leading up to September. Now in September with the expansion of the rosters and some off says we will be able to protect a lot of our starters,”

For more Sox thoughts from GM Rick Hahn, listen to the full interview below.