By Roseanne Tellez

CHICAGO (CBS) — A parking spot is a hot commodity in the city. So why is a spot designated for a disabled person sitting empty in congested Rogers Park?

Roseanne Tellez reports they’ve known since April that the resident for whom the spot was the intended, moved. But the sign remained until just last week, when one resident found a way to break through the city’s red tape.

The reserved parking sign on the 7600 block of East Lake Terrace has been ripped out of the ground.

“Me and my partner were talking about it like, ‘oh finally,'” said Maria Sanpos.

Maria thinks the people who did it got frustrated because she says it can take up to 30 minutes to park in the busy neighborhood, and the spot sat empty for nearly six months.

“It just seems like a wasted space,” said Nick Cline.

Rosanne Poppell says that it is “very frustrating” to see the spot empty.

In June Alderman Joe Moore walked us through the removal process. It starts at the Alderman’s office, goes to the Finance Department, then to City Council, a council committee, back to the full council, back then off to the Sign Department.

“If we had enough people we could remove it in one month, not three or four months,” said Moore.

His office confirms six months later, the Sign Department has been notified. But their job just got a lot easier because of a resident who was fed up.

No plans to try to streamline the process. But the alderman’s office sure doesn’t want anyone else taking matters into their own hands. If you got it wrong, you would be in very big trouble.