(CBS) — It’s Friday night, late summer. Perfect night to hit the drive-in movie theater, right?

CBS 2’s Mike Parker found a place where they decided to build one for the night.

It was drive-in movie night Friday in Gary, Ind., complete with a double-feature to $10 a carload.

Is this 1955? It sure looks like something from a bygone era, with movies on an outdoor screen and families watching inside and alongside their cars.

The drive-in theater was to show off Gary’s lakefront Marquette Park, newly refurbished at a cost of $30 million.

It took much of the day to set up the sound system and the big inflatable screen. At 6:03 p.m., a Gary couple got the first spot in the front row. For them, it was a sentimental experience.

“I remember the kids in their pajamas in the back seat,” Richard Gonzalez says of the drive-in experience.

And just like in the old days there was a pre-show play lot.

“They’re having fun. They’re having their first experience with drive in movies,” Gary mother Eloise Smith said.

Proceeds were to benefit Gary parks.