Marshall vs. AJ Green –
Both great receivers, best on their teams, top 5 guys last year.
Green – 97 Rec, 1350 yds, 84.4 yds/gm, 11 TD last year
Marshall – 118 Rec, 1508 yds, 94.3 yds/gm, 11 TD last year
Who gets more receiving yards on Sunday:  Marshall -10.5
Mac – Green +10.5    Spiegs – Marshall -10.5

Matt Forte yards from scrimmage.
Running, receiving, we all seem to think Forte has a big year
Dump off under pressure allow more yards?  Trust OLine to run block well, get him going right?
Averaged 95.6 yds per game last year, 102 per game for career
O/U for Forte Total Yds from Scrimmage:   105.5 yards
Mac – Over   Spiegs – Under

O line penalties.
Better than last year it seems, but young
First starts for a couple, first time playing together as a unit in meaningful game
Great defensive front 7 they’re going against – cause more?
O/U for Bears OLine penalties:  3.5
Mac – Over    Spiegs – Under

 Peanut Forced Fumbles
Kind of speaks for itself.  10 last year…does he get one Sunday?
Mac – Over    Spiegs – Over

Jim Nantz and Phil Simms for CBS.                                            All of these are from opening kickoff to final gun.

  • Mentions of the name Brian Urlacher                     2.5  Mac – O  Spiegs – U
  • Mentions of the Montreal Allouettes                     1.5   Mac – O   Spiegs – U
  • Former QB’s coached by Trestman
    • Rich Gannon                      .5  Mac and Spiegs both over
    • Steve Young                       .5   Mac Over, Spiegs Under
    • Jake Plummer                   .5   Both Under
    • Anthony Calvillo               .5   Mac Under, Spiegs Over

Mac’s intense loathing of Phil Simms has infected a lot of us.  You’re a tastemaker.

The sentence structure challenged rube now aches my ears.

He spends a lot of time either confused, flip-flopping on a thought, or flat out unintelligible.  Sometimes a mix of all 3.

  • “DINVER” – 1.5  Mac and Spiegs both go over
  • Full on changing his mind, on a referee’s call under review, a play he dissects before replay, or a coaches decision.  3.5   Both go under
  • “TALKED ABOUT.”  According to Phil Simms Quotes on twitter, dduringt he first 56 minutes of the Super Bowl, he said “talked about” 28 times.  28.  We’ll go considerably lower…figuring he has caught wind of it, or won’t be quite as excited to tell us what they “talked about.”     16.5  Both go over

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