Chicago seniors get ready for the "Senior Games" on the South Side. (Credit: Bernie Tafoya)

Chicago seniors get ready for the “Senior Games” on the South Side. (Credit: Bernie Tafoya)

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago Park District’s “Senior Games” began Tuesday morning on the South Side, but hot weather was not much of a factor, despite the 90-plus temperatures.

About 30 senior citizens did a warm-up under the shade of some trees at 63rd Street Beach. Then, the Senior Games flame was lighted by 93-year old Beatrice Readus, and everyone did a Fun Walk along the lakefront.

Readus will compete in the bowling competition. She said she bowls twice a week, and has been bowling “forever.” Her husband of 54 years taught her how to bowl.

The Senior Games competition will be held throughout the city, with most events held between Wednesday and Sept. 25, when temperatures won’t be so extreme.

Among the events: track and field, swimming, bowling, golf, bocce, horseshoe, and a game called “Pickle Ball”, which is a hybrid tennis-like event.