CHICAGO (CBS) — Two staff members, including a teacher, have been removed from a local elementary school over allegations of misconduct. CBS 2 has learned it may involve inappropriate conduct with minors.

It’s been a much whispered about, much fretted about series of accusations for months where today two employees were ejected from the classroom. It happened at the Jordan Elementary Community School in Rogers Park.

CBS 2 has learned that two women in positions of authority were removed Tuesday for what’s purported to be suspected relationships with underage boys.

“She wouldn’t show her text message but I saw what he texted her and it was not something a student texts a teacher. It was inappropriate, it was concerning,” said Bernita Camper, a former teacher’s aide.

Camper says she saw one teacher text the student near midnight, and reported incidents to the school.

“Clearly my cries were not heard, or it was just thrown out the window. They just kept doing what they wanted to do,” said Camper.

A teacher who asked CBS 2 to conceal their identity said, “There were so many overtly inappropriate things going on — touching and more — that teachers, parents, neighbors reported to CPS and nothing happened.”

CPS said in statement, “CPS is reassigning both employees away from the classroom pending the outcome of our investigation.”

Camper has already made her stand.

“I just felt like this wan’t a good environment for my child,” said Camper. “I pulled my son out of this school.”

The district is only saying the two employees have been removed the classroom and won’t talk about the allegations or any claims on how it was handled.