CHICAGO (CBS) — The nearly 800,000 customers who switched electric companies have been seeing a savings of about $10 a month.

However, that may be coming to an end, CBS 2’s Ed Curran reports

At the Citizens Utility Board, Danielle Holmes helps consumers save money.

She’s a regular consumer, too, and made the switch in April from ComEd to Integrys Energy.

She said her family has saved about $60.

Back then, ComEd charged almost nine cents per kilowatt-hour. Integrys was more than three cents cheaper.

However, that’s now changed.

CUB Executive Director David Kolata said that difference has been reduced because ComEd has been able to cut its price after its old electricity agreements expired and the utility was able to negotiate a cheaper rate.

The difference now is only about a half-cent per kilowatt-hour. But, if you have been using Integrys since the start of their agreement, you have saved a lot.

“We estimate that, in Chicago, the average consumer is saving about $150 over the life of the contract.”

And, if the ComEd price would fall below the Integrys price, it would be matched by Integrys.

The Integrys deal runs through the end of the year, when they will offer a new deal.

There are about a dozen companies offering electricity.

CUB advises that consumers check rates against ComEd before making the switch.

Another tip: Start switching to more energy-efficient CFL light bulbs.

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