(CBS) — Congresswoman Robin Kelly has brought parents of children lost to gun violence to Washington to lobby for what she calls more common sense gun laws, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Congresswoman Kelly says mass shootings like those in Connecticut and Colorado are horrifying tragedies, but she says the killing of young people on Chicago’s streets are tragedies too and the grieving parents deserve to have their voices as well.

“220 children have been killed by guns in Chicago since 2007 and as you can see there are many parents here with pictures of their beautiful children that they will not see anymore and they want you to know they don’t want any parent to go through what they have gone through,” said Kelly.

Parents who joined Kelly for two days of lobbying say they want to make sure it is not so easy for just anyone to buy weapons regardless of violence or mental illness in their backgrounds.

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