BROOKFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — It doesn’t matter how cute you think he is, this is one cat you can’t take home.

Born on June 13th, Brookfield Zoo‘s snow leopard cub made it’s debut this Wednesday, September 18th.

When we last checked in with the cub in August, it weighed 10 pounds. It’s now a whopping 15 pounds and growing.

You can see the cub with his mother, Sarani, and father, Sabu, in Brookfield Zoo’s “Big Cats” exhibit.

According to Brookfield Zoo, “Snow leopards are most active at night and tend to move quietly. Their mountaintop habitats provide excellent camouflage for a surprise ambush. A snow leopard’s thick fur grows longer in winter for added protection. Their unique paws are entirely covered in fur and are wide enough to act as snowshoes. Although they do not roar, they do moan and growl. And to their cubs and mates, they make a reassuring puffing sound through their nostrils, which is called ‘prusten’ or ‘chuffing.'”

You can see photos of the cub here, and a video of him in action here.