By Brad Edwards

VERNON HILLS, Ill. (CBS) — Have you noticed something different in the air this fall? An abundance of black and white critters creating an eye watering stench?

CBS 2 has called animal control offices throughout the Chicago area but the biggest skunk problem seems to be in Vernon Hills in Lake County–where the problem has gotten so bad they are actually trapping skunks to cut their numbers.

Vernon Hills has a skunk problem so great they’ve allotted $15,000 and enlisted a professional trapper to eradicate it.

“The entire summer has been a nightmare,” said resident Kelley Abbassian.

Abbassian says her dog has been sprayed by a skunk three times.

Now, the village and park district are acting.

“There could be several hundred. We’re just doing to make a gallant effort,” said Jeff Fougerousse of the Vernon Hills Park District.

It’s a clandestine operation because if humans roam where the traps are, leaving their sent, skunks will avoid it.

It has even become a police issue, as they’ve been called over and over.

“Well we did have one officer get sprayed,” said Kim Christenson

And another.

“That person was cornered,” said Christenson. “She encountered two skunks in a position that didn’t give her an out.”

Vernon Hills’ skunks are bold.

So why, why so many? The unusually warm winter made for multiple mating seasons with two litters.

Brad Edwards