CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Emanuel is deflecting suggestions from some Chicago Aldermen who want to increase the City’s police force to deal with continuing gun violence, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Mayor Emanuel says the City is hiring and training new police officers but that is to keep the police force at its current strength. He says the police department is sticking with the strategy of concentrating foot patrols in high-crime areas and pushing for three-year minimum sentences for those convicted of gun crimes.

“What if you had the police but didn’t do what you are supposed to do what needed to be done on gun laws. What if you didn’t invest in more after-school programs and summer jobs? It is part of a comprehensive strategy about getting more police and getting kids, guns and drugs off the street,” said Emanuel.

Emanuel said that Springfield needs to be a part of the solution and says he has spoken with the legislative leaders.