Editor’s Note: The following is a satirical email from Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts, written by Matt Abbatacola.

From: Ricketts, Tom
To: Abbatacola, Matt

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Hey Matty,

I hope all is well. Things are going great on my end. Not sure if you heard but we’re going to start renovating Wrigley Field this year… you were right about that silly bridge idea – should have listened to you.

Anywho – how’s the family? I’m disappointed you didn’t bring your son to a game this season. We had plenty of seats : (

I know, 2.6 mil in tickets sold is great but I need their b***s in the seats buying my bison dogs lol. (laugh out loud)

I need a favor? I know it’s a lot to ask when my guys and I don’t do anything with your radio show but WE NEED YOUR HELP! lol (see above)

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Lots of fans are getting p****d off at me/us/Theo… they don’t get what we’re doing here. We said we needed to tear this down in order to rebuild. Why is it so hard to understand? This is going to take time. Heck, fans have waited for over 100 years. What’s one or two more?? Right? lol

Listen, I know we lost like 1000 games since I hired T-Ep and the sales guys raised ticket prices (not my call – I’m a fan, ya know) but this isn’t a cheap thing to do… run a MLB team!! lol – I still can’t believe that I own the Cubs – HOW COOL IS THAT??? : )

Help me out, ok? My dad is getting super p****d at me. Not sure why it’s ALL on me – Todd and Laura are here too… geez, right?? lol If it doesn’t work… oh well.

Spread the word, huh? We’re doing it the right way. Golly, we could be the Astros, right? Am I right? When did the Astros go to the American League??? lol How about the Cardinals, Reds and Pirates – all going to the playoffs and all in OUR DIVISION – SO AWESOME!! lol

Well, gotta fly – me, Belushi, Cusack and J-Piv have a tee time in 5.


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p.s. What do you think about the Girardi thing? So cool!! Don’t say anything!! LOL