CHICAGO (CBS) — The Commission that is charged with investigating accusations of torture involving Chicago Police Officers has decided it needs additional information before deciding what to do about three of the cases before it, WBBM’s Bob Roberts explains.

The Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission voted unanimously to re-investigate three cases. Outgoing commissioner David Thomas tendered his resignation effective Monday.

Commission member Rob Warden apologized to the families of the crime victims for failing to notify them of hearings.

“We feel from the bottom of our hearts a concern for your feelings and we just want you to know that this was inadvertent and we are very sorry,” said Warden.

Among the three cases is that of Jerry Mahaffey, one of two brothers in prison for the 1983 murders of Dean and JoEllen Pueschel and the attempted murder of their 11-year-old son Rick.

The Pueschel family says it will have plenty to add to the record.